Time for a new challenge!

Challenge accepted!

With 2017 behind us, I thought it be nice to create a challenge for 2018. Is it possible to become chessmaster in one year? I reckon most will say that it is close to impossible. So would I. But with diligence, solid practice, and a positive attitude, a lot is possible. So this year will be about getting my 1900- rating to at least 2200.

Is it possible to become chessmaster in one year?

And what if I don’t get there?

More importantly, I want to understand chess at a master level. What separates them from the 1500-1900 player?  I will try to answer this question along the way. Any other ideas, concepts, and questions I will answer in either blogs or videos. So stay tuned and join me in this challenge!


Besides this website, I will be active on Youtube. You can subscribe and follow my daily videos there from February 1 onwards. For starters I will be talking about tactics, and gradually I will add different topics to my channel. My main goal on Youtube is to help others improve in chess, so that they too can obtain a higher rating. So if you have any themes you would like me to discuss, leave a message underneath and I will take a look at it!


  1. Hi Bob!

    I happen to play right now some games in your King’s Gambit tournament. We are, my opponent and I, at the end of a game, and I realize that I won’t be able to finish the game properly because of a lack of end game knowledge – I’m trying a draw instead. It would have been nice to be able to finish the game the right way.

    So, it would be great if you could come up in the future with a video on King, Bishop, Rook vs King, Rook mate. I watched a couple of videos (tricky), but another one wouldn’t hurt.

    Many thanks and good luck on your chess journey.


    1. Hi Zazie,

      Thanks for the wishes 🙂 I will look at your request – videos will be uploaded from March onwards, and understanding checkmates is always interesting, so I will dive into this pattern. Good luck in the tournament!

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