Books. Lots of books.

How many chess books?

No matter how you look at things, the simple conclusion is that the amount of books written about chess is insane. There is no real way to decide where to begin. Opening books? Sure, thousands of them, and more and more books are available each day.

In 1913, preeminent chess historian H. J. R. Murray wrote in his 900-page magnum opus A History of Chess that, “The game possesses a literature which in contents probably exceeds that of all other games combined. (source: Wikipedia)

Start over

Now my issue doesn’t evolve around the question how many books I should buy, but which of them guide me through the chess game in such a manner that I have the most benefit out of it. So I decided to give my chess books away and start out anew. This means I am open to suggestions: which book would you recommend to me in order to get to 2000+, and why would you recommend it?

The basis

Four books, that’s it for this month. One opening book for White as well as for Black, a book on tactics, and a book on strategy. That’s more than enough for now, thank you! My first goal is to go through them thoroughly. The main idea is that I want to get a grip on a good foundation of chess and not run off in the book cloud. I wanted to download every book I could find, but hen I realised something. Doing this will only make me search for more books, not per se read them. And what I really need to do is sit down and practice endurance.

Chess clubs

I reckoned that studying chess books alone is not sufficient. So I decided to enrol with three chess clubs by the end of last year, and although I couldn’t play frequent matches in the club houses in December, I will try to be present at most of them throughout thus year. Actually, I started out with a nice victory. With a 9/9 run I eventually won the 2017 Blitz cup at the Chess association in Holten (close to Deventer). Now, this is a small club and I should strive to play against stronger players only, but the win felt good! And isn’t that what chess is all about? Let’s see if there is more ahead!


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