Summer: chess tournaments everywhere

Hi all! I have been offline for several months, but just now I played my first tournament in months. The EFE Metz tournament was a very nice venue, and although my overall score was a bit disappointing (5 out of 9, with five wins and four losses), I am happy to play another tournament again.

So what is the plan? Next up is Vlissingen, the HZ toernooi. As of today there are more than 50 titled players enrolled, with 12 GMs. Chances of playing a titled player in the first round are high, and then we’ll see. Last year I got crushed severely by GM Sipke Ernst, but it was nice to play agaisnt such a strong player. We’ll see how this year will turn out!

Also, my rating has declined to 1833, making it even harder to reach a +2000 level in the following months. With that being said, I will focus on chess every day from now on and will see what that brings. First stop is Vlissingen, preparation for the tournament starts today!

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