Welcome! My name is Bob Bishoen, and my aim for this year (2018) is to reach the chessmaster level (2200+). As of January 1st, my Fide rating is 1873, which means I have to gain more than 300 points in 365 days. While that might be too much too ask for, I will give it everything I have and then some!

Meanwhile, I will try to show you what this route looks like. Are you curious to see the differences between 1400-1500, 1800-1900, and 2200-2300 rated players? Along the way I will be answering a lot of these questions that are connected to these differences and my learning curve. For instance, what is a good way to learn chess if you do not have a lot to time available? How do I make plans in any given position? Should I study the opening or the endgame instead? These and other questions my students as well as other avid chess players have, will be part of my 2018-journey. So stay tuned!



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