The Challenge



“If I’d study for 2000 hours of chess, who knows?!”

IM Lawrence Trent, pondering at Tata Steel 2019

What if IM Lawrence Trent had studied 2000 hours of chess in a year?! The 18 hours he utters to have actually studied are an obvious and funny understatement, but the chess player/trainer/commentator/manager Lawrence Trent (what doesn’t he do?!) makes a valid point.
What would happen if you’d study 2000 hours of chess? What if you’d do that in one year? The amount of work seems absurd, but then again, the chance of making serious headway is enormous. So Lawrence, from September 1st 2019 onwards, I accept your challenge! (PS also, I would appreciate a lesson or 2 whenever you have the time – with 18 hours of study you should have some to spare 😉 )

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